Recruiting Talk - The Search and Selection Market in Germany

Valerie Schena Ehrenberger, president of ECSSA, is joined by Wolfram C. Tröger, vice president of ECSSA and the German association BDU e.V. to talk about the dynamics of the German Search and Selection market, an industry worth 3 billion € with more than 18.000 candidates placed each year.

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ECSSA business climate index - MAY 2023

Currently, the ECSSA barometer stands at a value of 2.6.

Overall, we see an only slightly optimistic outlook across Europe with strong differences across countries: as Search and Selection Consultants of France and Luxembourg report a rather pessimistic state of business as well as forecast values, their collegues in Germany and Belgium topped their previous quarters and therefore developed against the European trend. 


Results of the ECSSA Barometer May 2023
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ECSSA business climate index - NOVEMBER 2022

Currently, the ECSSA barometer stands at a value of 12.3. The level of business activity of the Search and Selection Consultancy industry requires a finely-tuned steering given the frequency and reactivity with which the market is evolving.

Results of the ECSSA Barometer November 2022
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