CERC Code of Practice

A Certified Executive Recruitment Consultant (CERC) must conduct his/her business in a proper and professional manner and in accordance with all applicable laws. A CERC shall only take up his/her engagement upon evidence of an order for consultancy having been placed. A CERC accepts only assignments that he/she is qualified to undertake on the basis of his/her knowledge of the client's needs and his/her ability to perform the specific assignment. A CERC shall only accept an assignments relating to a specific position on an exclusive basis.


Before accepting any assignment, a CERC must advise his/her client of any potential conflicts of interest and any material restriction to which it is subject by reason of undertakings given to other clients. Furthermore, a CERC must agree any "off limits" rules which will include undertakings that he/she will not, without the client's prior permission, make any first approach:

  • to any candidates placed by it with that client while those candidates remain employed by that client; or
  • to any employee of a client within a minimum of one year of completing an   assignment.

In performing an assignment the following standards must be observed:

  • The client will not be given details of any candidate without that candidate's prior permission.
  • A CERC must abide by the client's instructions regarding the confidentiality of the assignment and the limits of information which can be provided. Within these
  • limitations candidates will be provided with full and relevant information about the vacant position.
  • Unless otherwise agreed with the client, no candidate will be submitted until his or her suitability for the vacant position has been assessed by interview.
  • Throughout the assignment, a CERC will maintain regular communication with the client and candidates, appraising the latter of their current situation.
  • No information about the client or a candidate will knowingly be withheld if it might influence the other's decision regarding the appointment.


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