CERC Requirements

When you see the initials CERC following a consultant's name, it means that he or she is a Certified Executive Recruitment Consultant and has met strict certification requirements of the member organization of ECSSA-CERC in his or her country. Furthermore, the initials mean that the consultant has been audited to make sure that he meets international standards of competence, ethics and independence. These standards include, as a minimum:

  • Experience: A minimum of three, preferably five years in executive recruitment consulting.
  • Education: Recognized degree or professional qualification or additional five years in management consulting/executive recruitment consulting in lieu of a degree.
  • Time spent: 1200 hours per annum in active executive recruitment consulting during the three qualifying years over the preceding five years and currently active in executive recruitment consulting.
  • Independence: Owner or employee of a firm in independent practice. An independent practice is given when the company of the CERC is clearly identifiable with a formal status and known principals. It must be in the public practice of executive recruiting, be financially viable and self supporting, and independent to the extent that it is free to give unbiased professional advice to clients and to select, train and control its staff without reference to, or control by, a permanent body which is not in the public practice of executive recruitment consultin.
  • Admission of the ECSSA Code of Practice