Profile SYNTEC (France)

SYNTEC Recruitment
148, Boulevard Haussmann
F – 75008 Paris


Tel : 0033 144304990, Fax : 0033 140507357




Year established: SYNTEC (1965), SYNTEC Recruitment (1970)

Full time staff: SYNTEC (40); SYNTEC Recruitment (2)

Countries served: France


Contact name: Stéphanie BERTRAND (Policy officer)



Number of members: 146 Executive Search / Search & Selection Companies


SYNTEC Recruitment membership does not include:

  • Contingency Executive Search/Search & Selection Firms
  • Employment agencies/Placement Services
  • Temporary employment agencies.

SYNTEC Recruitment is the only official body in France through its belonging to the MEDEF (Movment for French Companies).


The four other professional unions, close to SYNTEC Recruitment  are:

  • SYNTEC Marketing and Surveys
  • SYNTEC Management Consulting
  • SYNTEC Public Relations
  • SYNTEC Career Consulting (outplacement).



  • Two years job experience as recruitment consultant
  • Two years of existence as a company
  • Recommandation from SYNTEC Recruitment members
  • Audit by the SYNTEC Admission committee
  • Subscription to the recruitment code of professional conduct



SYNTEC Recruitment Consulting: Aims

  • Establish code of ethics and best practices in recruitment and search activities
  • To be a professional label
  • Follow changes in professional practices and assessment tools
  • Put the light on its members and promote their interests


Currently SYNTEC Recruitment Consulting operates through 8 committees:

  • Membership committee
  • Communication and development committee
  • New members and ethics committee
  • International committee(in charge of contribution to ECSSA)
  • Internet comittee
  • Training comittee
  • Regional committee
  • Diversification committee


Main events:

  • Annual seminar summer university
  • All members and partners year cocktail
  • The human resources book of the year Award (SYNTEC recruitment “Sciences Po” (school of political sciences), Le Monde partnership)
  • Debates, training sessions and study trips abroad
  • Studies on most efficient practices (e.g. use of internet, use of databases)


SYNTEC Recruitment Consulting as a profession follows the basic “principals” as such:


Three steps

  • Pre-search diagnostic : environment, job description and profile
  • Search and selection
  • Candidate’s integration

Two rules

  • Guarantee for implementing all means to reach success in the assignment (for the client)
  • Guarantee for exclusivity (retainers practices) for the consulting firm.


Some examples of SYNTEC Recruitment Consulting contribution to the profession:

  • Collective agreements for recruitment consulting employees
  • Agreements with official bodies (such as APEC, agency for executive employment, CNIL, national committee for data base ands citizen freedom)
  • Norms and best practices with AFNOR (Quality processes agency)
  • Communication to companies and candidates through publications and newspapers articles
  • Active support action sto develop diversity



Ranging from 1 000 € to 9 000 € according to the annual turn-over.