Summary of the Results

ECSSA State of the Industry Barometer May 2020

The ECSSA State of the Industry Barometer for May 2020 shows a consolidated index of − 29.5. Compared to the last survey, this value represents a sharp decline of 32.2 points. This is also the sharpest decline in the industry climate since the introduction of the ECSSA barometer.


In the current survey, all participating countries recorded a significant decline in the business climate compared to autumn 2019. In the course of 2020, the most substantial decrease in the barometer was recorded in Spain (− 76 index points), followed by Belgium (− 56), Italy (− 44), France (− 43), Luxembourg (− 43) and Germany (− 33). Overall, fundamental uncertainty is evident in the industry regarding the economic consequences of the corona crisis. Although the crisis has not yet been overcome worldwide, specific upward trends in the business outlook for the second half of the year are discernible in individual countries.

Barometer May 2020
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