Analysis of the results to march 2019

The European Barometer of Executive Recruitment conducted by ECSSA on the perception of the state of the market in March 2019 shows a consolidated index equal to 15.


Belgium and Luxembourg are in first place, with 30.5 and 33.3 respectively, followed by Spain (20) and Italy (17.8). With 11.9, Germany, although used to good scores in previous years, is below the European average. Finally, only French executive recruitment consultants have a negative perception (− 6.2). The average perception (15) marks a break with the period March 2017–May 2018 when the consolidated European index fluctuated between 35 and 38. This decline in optimism concerns all participating countries. In terms of detailed performance, we note that in the first quarter of 2019, the morale of Italian, German and

Spanish executive recruitment consultants fell respectively by 24, 23.6 and 20 points compared to 2018. This decline in confidence is

also noticeable in Belgium (− 14 points) and France (− 8.4).


Barometer March 2019
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